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Alexander Manu

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Alexander Manu is a visionary who has consistently challenged the boundaries of innovation, strategy, and foresight, an individual whose insights have not only shaped industries but have also inspired countless professionals to reimagine the future and their role in it. He is a celebrated author, a distinguished professor, and a sought-after consultant who has advised Fortune 500 companies, governments, and academic institutions. His work has been a catalyst for change, challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries in ways that redefine what is possible.

With a career spanning decades, he has been a beacon of inspiration, guiding businesses and individuals alike to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, design, and human potential. His teachings and writings have been instrumental in helping organizations transition from the industrial to the knowledge value economy, emphasizing the importance of imagination, creativity, and personal transformation. He believes that the future is not something that happens to us but something we create. His insights into the intersection of technology, business, and human behavior have made him a leading voice in shaping the future of our interconnected world.

Alexander Manu Topics
The Richly Augmented Life: Navigating the New Frontiers of Disruption.
Beyond Imagination: The Creation of New Value in Business.
Create Your Future.

This talk investigates the intricate dynamics of how technological disruptors are not merely tools of automation but catalysts for a broader, more substantial transformation.

Manu explores the essence of disruption in the context of emerging technologies, specifically Generative AI. By its nature, this technology challenges the traditional boundaries of creation and innovation, enabling machines to generate not
only text but also ideas, aesthetics, and functional strategies that were once the sole domain of human intellect.

By integrating these advanced technologies, we enhance our tools and fundamentally enrich human life—expanding our creative horizons and reimagining our potential in a profoundly interconnected world.

This exploration is not only about understanding technological capabilities but also about envisioning and shaping a future where technology amplifies our collective potential, leading to a life that is not only more efficient but also richer in possibilities and experiences.

Join us as we navigate these transformative currents, charting a course through the unexplored possibilities of the next wave of digital revolution.

Provocative author, speaker and leading practitioner in the field of strategic foresight Alexander Manu, surveys the changing context for business, and
explores a few questions that help organizations identify and validate ideas, transforming them into platforms for engagement and participation, or what he calls “a new behavior space”. Behavior Space is a multidimensional construct that includes a variety of stimuli and a variety of responses. Manu proposes that corporations do not design products or services anymore: they design behaviour spaces.

We live in a behavior economy, an environment in which people no longer engage with companies just by purchasing things, but they seek engagement
with services that allow them to behave, to leave a mark, and to participate in the community of others. In this economic space, people seek the best value for their engagement, in unprecedented numbers and with unprecedented empowerment. The economic model promoted by the behavior economy is a
model where behavior is the only goal of our actions. Manu describes value delivery and consumption, the mechanisms by which new value is captured and
created, and the interplay of design research with science, technology, politics and the arts.

The platforms for new behavior that emerging technology makes possible will increase considerably the footprint of the behavior economy, at the expense of the old industrial model, with casualties in the rank of any incumbent not willing or able to adapt. This keynote will address Four Strategic Questions that frame the challenges and opportunities for design research in the emerging present. These questions are:

– What is Emerging Present : How is the Landscape Changing?

– New Sources of Value: What new needs can be meet, what new problems can be solved and where is their source of value?

– New Distinctive Competencies: What new capabilities are needed to succeed by design?

– New Business Models: What business model is best structured to capture and implement the delivery of new value?

The focus of the presentation will be transformational leadership at the edge of the future, the kind of leadership that provokes the future it defines as
sustainable socially and politically and then has the will to implement. The driving forces of globalization are connected to technology and the digitalization
of all activities. This challenges old institutions as they now have to deal with the fast-moving multisource digital mindset. Manu makes a distinction between
“change” and “transformation” in that Change affects the condition of something often in relation with the surrounding environment, while Transformation
affects the nature of something, the very structure and working mechanisms of an activity as well as its relationship to everything around. This is the major
provocation of the future, the transformation of all relationships and how it affects society, business, culture and consumption in general.

This keynote explores the following concepts:
– The Future of work
– The Future of Engagement
– The Future of Markets
– ReThinking the System: Of People – Things, Money – Markets or the Future of Markets Without Money
– IoT and moments of massive coincidence
– The Internet of Things and Transformational Leadership

Alexander Manu

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