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Mike Fata is not just a name in the entrepreneurial community but a beacon of inspiration. As the co-founder of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, he steered the company’s growth until its monumental sale to Tilray in 2019 for a staggering $419 million. Beyond his past achievements, Mike is the dynamic force behind Fata & Associates and the voice that resonates in the Founder to Mentor podcast.

Recognized with numerous accolades for his entrepreneurial prowess, Mike’s recent endeavor includes the release of his book, “Grow: 12 Unconventional Lessons for Becoming an Unstoppable Entrepreneur.” The book underscores the cornerstones of his business ethos – passion, integrity, and the value of community, providing insights on building an authentic business in today’s evolving landscape.

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Grow: 12 Unconventional Lessons for Becoming an Unstoppable Leader!

In this talk, Mike Fata details his journey from high-school dropout to successful CEO and how his achievements (and failures), led him to create a guide that will put business leaders on a pathway to success. Spoiler alert: it isn’t a fancy business degree, a high-flying network, or tons of investment capital.

By stressing the importance of passion, integrity, and community, these 12 easy-to-follow lessons will highlight how to grow intentionally and build a business that is both authentic to you and relevant to the current landscape. A landscape that values not only the health and well-being of the bank balance, but also of people and the environment.

It may seem scary to stray from the conventional business-model, but Fata knows that it is possible to build a sustainable, health-giving business that is also financially viable—because he has done it. And he wants to help your team do the same. There is a purpose driven leader inside everyone. The question is, are you ready to discover yours?


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