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Muna Haddad

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Muna Haddad

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Muna Haddad is a visionary dedicated to impact driven tourism. She specializes in sustainable tourism development, community engagement, and strategic leadership advisor to international organizations and projects.

As the former Tourism Priority Lead at the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit in Jordan, Muna spearheaded data-driven approaches to tourism development, established innovative tourism data management platforms, and played a pivotal role in the creation of a national air service development plan and drafted a national aviation policy.

Founding CEO of BARAKA, where she pioneered sustainable community-based tourism models, created hundreds of sustainable jobs in secondary tourism sites, and developed tools like the Meaningful Map of Jordan for tourists.

As a passion project, she was the founding chair of the board of the Jordan Trail Association. She is a regular contributor at global tourism events and academic gatherings on topics relating to impact driven travel and using tourism as a tool to develop economies and societies.

Muna Haddad Topics
Meaningful Travel.

In tourist destinations across the globe, Muna Haddad is changing the story by changing the storytellers.

Over the past decade, Muna has been instrumental in pioneering transformative travel initiatives that are both profitable and purposeful; prioritizing community engagement, environmental conservation, and authentic cultural experiences. Her visionary ideologies have garnered widespread recognition, earning her a place on stages around the world, where she shares insights on the profound impact of travel on individuals and communities alike.

A prolific tourism industry figure, Muna brings forth a wealth of expertise to audiences. With a passion for fostering positive change through travel experiences, Muna is renowned for her innovative approaches in reshaping the industry towards sustainability and cultural preservation.

Through her work, Muna shares her belief that travel has the power to transcend borders, enrich lives, and foster mutual understanding. She advocates for responsible tourism practices that not only minimize environmental impact but also empower the local population to share their own stories and traditions, creating a ripple effect of positive change worldwide.

Audiences can expect Muna to deliver captivating perspectives and actionable strategies that inspire a renewed commitment to meaningful tourism, sustainable travel, and the transformative power of individual impact, leaving them energized and empowered to enact positive change within their own communities.


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