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Sara Westbrook

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Sara Westbrook

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Sara Westbrook is a singer-songwriter, professional speaker, author, and Emotional Resilience Strategist. As the creator of the 3E Emotional Development keynotes, presentations, workshops, and coaching, Sara brings a unique blend of expertise to the table.

Sara has spent the past 18 years dedicated to researching and presenting on the subject of emotions and the profound impact they have on choices, mindset, perception, and overall well-being. In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern work environment, she emphasizes the crucial skill of rebounding from challenging circumstances and managing the emotions they elicit. This skill is pivotal to achieving success, both professionally and personally.

Having had the privilege of reaching and connecting with over half a million people, Sara has become recognized for her energetic, interactive, and meaningful presentations. Her insights have also found a platform on various podcasts and media outlets, including Global, CTV, Sirius XM, ROKU, and more.

Sara Westbrook Topics
Emotions Change Choices: Enhancing Emotional Development for Business Success.
Embracing Change: Building Resilience in Uncertain Times.
The Perception Shift: Transforming Change into Opportunity.

Not identifying, validating, and releasing emotions can lead to serious consequences such as stress, burnout, and emotional fatigue. Employees who are unable to manage their emotions effectively may experience decreased motivation, reduced productivity, and strained relationships within the team.

In this captivating and entertaining keynote, singer-songwriter Sara Westbrook fuses her musical talent with powerful insights to equip your team with the tools and strategies to enhance emotional awareness, change-management, productivity and resilience. Her unique blend of music and message creates an engaging and memorable experience that resonates deeply with her audiences.

By investing in emotional development, you are laying the groundwork for a thriving, successful organization where employees feel empowered, motivated, and connected.
Let’s embrace emotional development as a critical component of professional and personal growth, ensuring that your team is not only productive but also resilient and fulfilled.

Change is an inevitable part of life and business. However, accepting change, especially when it’s beyond our control, can be incredibly challenging. Uncertainty often triggers a cascade of emotions—stress, anxiety, and even fear—that can significantly impact our performance, productivity, and morale.

Many of us might find ourselves on a relentless emotional rollercoaster, feeling overwhelmed by the constant shifts and unpredictability. It’s crucial, now more than ever, to adopt a new mindset that not only accepts change but also harnesses it as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

In this presentation, Sara will introduce three powerful resilience-building mindsets designed to help your team adapt to change and overcome challenges. These mindsets will foster a culture of connection, collaboration, and effective communication, transforming your team into a cohesive and unstoppable force.

Change is a constant in life and business. While we may not be able to control every circumstance, challenge, or change that comes our way, the positive news is that we can control how we perceive what’s happening. Our perception shapes our thoughts, emotions, and actions, and ultimately determines whether we merely survive or truly thrive.

In this presentation, Sara will introduce a powerful strategy to harness the power of perception, transforming obstacles into opportunities, stress into strength, adversity into advantage, and inflexibility into resilience.

The Power of Perception

Perception is the lens through which we view the world. It influences our reality and impacts how we react to various situations. By shifting our perception, we can change our responses and outcomes. This shift is crucial for:

– Enhancing Problem-Solving: Viewing challenges as opportunities for growth.

– Boosting Resilience: Turning setbacks into stepping stones.

– Improving Mental Health: Reducing stress by focusing on positive aspects.

– Increasing Productivity: Staying motivated and engaged despite difficulties.

Your perception significantly influences whether you just survive or thrive. By embracing a perception shift, you can transform obstacles into opportunities, stress into strength, adversity into advantage, and inflexibility into resilience. This powerful keynote will empower your team to navigate change with confidence and emerge stronger from every challenge.

Sara Westbrook

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Sara Westbrook

John Chiminski, Chairman & CEO at Catalent Pharma Solutions

“Excellent, engaging presentation! Sara’s enthusiasm, passion and strategies on self-care
and emotional resilience impacted our team! The well-being of our team is critical and I
would strongly recommend Sara’s important and effective message!”

Rick Wassell, Director National Sales at SGP Purchasing Partner Network

“We at SGP have booked Sara for 4 of our customer events across Canada this year. I
have seen Sara present at two of our events to date and both times I have taken away
numerous key learnings. Sara is an outstanding presenter; high energy, knowledgeable,
keeps the audience engaged and conveys very clear messaging to her audience.”

Marcie Parrott, Marketing Outreach at University of Waterloo

“You are a wonderful speaker! I’m an event planner so I have seen and vetted a TON of
speakers and I have to say that I loved listening to you today. The content was fantastic
and you delivered it in such an engaging manner – THANK YOU!”

Avery Bassett, Ontario Provincial Police

“Despite this being a virtual presentation Sara’s energy was amazing! She really spoke to
the issues of resilience and well-being. Sara’s gregarious personality made it fun to learn,
to interact, and therefore come away with practical tips that we can all apply.”

HR Director, Canada at Henkel Canada Corporation

“You were amazing Sara, thank you so very much for such an inspiring session. Your
energy and passion for this subject matter is incredible! We would love to have you


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