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Brenley Shapiro

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Brenley Shapiro

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Brenley’s passion for motivating audiences to reach their full potential has received praise from corporations, sports organizations, and schools, across the International landscape. Her powerful and engaging speaking style captivates audiences and inspires them to revolutionize their thinking, empowering them to build a mindset for success and a culture of performance excellence.

As a Toronto-based Sport Psychology & Performance Consultant, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, and Certified Sports Vision Trainer, Shapiro has become the first female Mental Performance Coach for the Arizona Coyotes in the NHL, as well as the OHL for the Peteborough Petes. She has offered Mental Performance Consultation for the Men’s & Women’s Chinese National Hockey teams for the Beijing 2022 Olympics and sits on the expert panel for Sport Psychology for the Coaches Association of Ontario. Brenley is a Published Author, an Ambassador with Lululemon, and the founder of Heads Up High Performance.

Recognized as a distinguished thought leader, her presentations ignite passion and insight, all while teaching the success strategies necessary to develop extraordinary performance. Whether in the sport world, business world, or life in general, Brenley will provoke excitement, engagement, and the transformation of the power of the mind. Her talks are a game changer for all audiences.

Brenley Shapiro Topics
Winning The Mental Game: Mindset, Performance, Success
Redefining the Win: Fostering a Growth Mindset & High Performing Culture
High-Performance Culture: Inspiring Greatness – Building A High Performance Culture
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Understanding what it takes to break barriers, achieve big goals, and perform at the highest level, is something Brenley knows a lot about. In this keynote she shares first hand knowledge and experiences, both personally and professionally, of what it takes to ‘win’ the mental game and drive success.

The audience will learn about the power of the mind and its connection to performance and success. The specific insights and steps Brenley shares, will not only generate a shift in the audience’s state of mind, it will leave them inspired to generate change and elevate their game.

Whether in sport, business, or life in general, this talk will help your audience set the foundation to maximize your potential and improve overall productivity. Success isn’t given – it’s earned.

The ability to persevere is one of life’s greatest tools. This presentation provides an understanding of perseverance and the impact it has on overall success in both life and sport. It examines the reasons why people give up and shares inspirational stories of those that overcame devastating failures to achieve great success. You will be left inspired to take control of your own life and empowered to lay down the foundation for developing a pathway towards success.

​Driving success and inspiring teams and organizations to excel at the highest level goes far beyond talent acquisition. This powerful presentation stresses the importance of culture before strategy, and teaches a values-based and vision-driven approach to building a high performing culture.

This presentation will help you develop a deeper understanding of how to “train the brain” to enhance neurocognitive functioning and maximize performance potential. You will be introduced to cutting edge knowledge and training that helps athletes and high level performers see more, think quicker, and react faster than everyone else, leading to the “one second advantage” and the ultimate edge in performance.

Brenley Shapiro

Stories of my life

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Fearless: Inspiring Greatness From Within Paperback
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Words for
Brenley Shapiro

Global HR Program Manager
“We’ve already had lots of amazing feedback from our participants about Brenley’s talk and in particular, the tangible takeaways. Would highly recommend her to speak again!”
Operating Partner
Compass Restaurants
“Brenley shared information we didn’t even realize we needed! We are still talking about her presentation and the very practical tips she provided for our everyday roles. We can’t wait to learn more from her in the future.”
Brand Manager
Genuine Health Group
“Brenley was an incredible partner for our Done Feels Good Campaign and went over and above throughout the partnership. She was creative, thorough and always reliable. We additionally hired her for an in person speaking event at our office and her presentation was so captivating and well received by our colleagues!”

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