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Cat Coode

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Named one of Canada’s Top 20 Women in Cybersecurity by IT World Canada online

Cat Coode is a consultant and professional speaker in the area of data privacy, with an emphasis on getting companies to meet global privacy regulation compliance standards and ensure cybersecurity hygiene. Coode is an engineer with two decades of experience in software design and architecture. Having spent much of her career in senior management, she has a deep understanding of the way teams develop and build software from the ground up.

Eight years ago Coode launched her own company, Binary Tattoo, with the mission to educate individuals to better understand and control their online identities and protect their data. In addition to cybersecurity education, Coode advocates for digital privacy and regulation literacy.

A professional speaker on privacy and cybersecurity, Coode has spoken at a multitude of international conferences. She was chair of the board for the Canadian Women in Cyber conference in March 2021. Additionally, Coode is on the Standards Council of Canada for both GDPR and Data Privacy.

Cat Coode Topics
Cybersecurity: Online Identity and Data Protection
Global Privacy Regulations – GDPR, and CCPA, and PIPEDA, Oh My!
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The weakest link in the cybersecurity chain is still the employees. Social engineering and human error are responsible for the majority of data breaches -> 92% of malware is still downloaded to a company’s system via email sent to an employee. Though there are terrific software solutions that help to mitigate these risks, the ultimate solution is to train your employees. Help them better understand what information they are giving away and how it can be used against them.
In this entertaining and engaging talk, find out how your data is gathered and used in our evolving online world. Cat helps individuals understand how their behaviours online affects both the company’s data security and their reputation. Leave with tangible actions you can take to improve privacy and safety of your online accounts. Keep hackers at bay, secure your private accounts, and take ownership of your most valuable asset, your data.

Privacy Regulations are often considered a nuisance, but staying compliant ensures that your company is better protected against breaches and that your individual privacy is secured. Cat will explain the basics behind today’s regulations and what you need to know to avoid fines, protect users, and continue to innovate while putting privacy first.

Cat Coode

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Global Data Privacy Regulation Compliance Overview
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