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Celina Caesar-Chavannes

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Celina Caesar-Chavannes is a dynamic professional with a remarkable track record across business consultancy, politics, academia, and advocacy. An acclaimed business consultant, coach, and international speaker, Celina also serves as the Senior Advisor for Cultural Transformation and Strategic Initiatives at Queen’s University, where she also lectures part-time.

Her political career includes serving as a Member of Parliament for Whitby and holding prestigious positions such as Parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and to the Minister of International Development. Known for championing mental health, equity, justice, and gender issues, she garnered numerous accolades during her tenure, including being recognized by O (Oprah) Magazine and Chatelaine Magazine. Celina continues to serve her community through roles on the Lakeridge Health Foundation Board and Elexicon Corporation Board.

Celina’s educational background is equally impressive, holding an Executive MBA from the Rotman School of Management, an MBA in Healthcare Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, among other certifications and ongoing academic pursuits, including a current nueroscience PhD program at Queen’s University. She is a [Deepak] Chopra certified health and meditation instructor and coach.

Before politics she was the founder of Resolve Research Solutions, Inc., she led a highly successful research management consulting firm aimed at enhancing the lives of individuals living with neurological conditions and their caregivers. Additionally, her tenure at various healthcare organizations and her role in influential national studies underscore her dedication to impactful research.

Celina’s best-selling memoir “Can You Hear Me Now?” waas published by Random House Canada in 2021, and she has contributed to various publications focusing on politics, health, and social issues. Her speaking engagements at global platforms, including the United Nations, Harvard University, and various conferences, reflect her expertise in leadership, diversity, inclusion, and social change.

An award-winning advocate, Celina has been honored with prestigious awards like the Chatelaine Magazine Woman of the Year, Mental Health Parliamentarian Award, and the Bob Marley Award, among others, acknowledging her outstanding contributions to politics, mental health advocacy, and community service.

With an extensive portfolio spanning consultancy, academia, advocacy, and political leadership, Celina Caesar-Chavannes emerges as an influential figure dedicated to fostering positive change, championing justice, and driving transformative impact with the aim of restoring our collective humanity.

Celina Caesar-Chavannes Topics
Beyond Diversity: Cultivating Compassionate Leadership for a Just World.
Democratizing Justice: Redefining Inclusive Leadership.
Elevating Minds: Unleashing Cognitive Wellness in the Workplace.
Emotional Intelligence and Transformative Leadership: Cultivating Change from Within.
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This captivating keynote invites audiences on a journey transcending the typical discourse on diversity, equity, and inclusion, towards taking a deep dive into justice and compassionate leadership – recognizing that both are catalysts for transformative change. The session redefines leadership paradigms, exploring how compassionate leadership, rooted in empathy and understanding, ignites power shifts in organizational culture and societal frameworks.

Participants will be engaged in an immersive exploration, dissecting conventional notions of justice, unveiling its intrinsic essence, and identifying barriers hindering its realization. The session presents compassionate leadership as the cornerstone, offering insights on how leaders can create inclusive spaces where diversity thrives, amplifying voices and fostering empathy-driven environments. The aim? The restoration of our collective humanity

If required, practical strategies and workshops will equip attendees with tangible tools to embed justice and compassion into their organizational fabric. Real client success stories will illuminate the transformative power of compassionate leadership, showcasing how commitments to justice-driven initiatives reshape cultures and drive inclusivity.

Concluding with a compelling call to action, attendees will be inspired to embrace compassionate leadership, standing as architects of change in fostering a more just, equitable, and empathetic world.

Learning Objectives:

– Dissect conventional notions of justice, understanding its multifaceted essence and barriers to realization.

– Explore the role of compassionate leadership in fostering inclusive environments and amplifying diverse voices. 

– Acquire practical strategies and tools to infuse justice and empathy into organizational cultures with the aim of restoring our collective humanity.

– Gain inspiration from real client success stories illustrating the power of compassion in leadership.

This keynote unravels the relationship between justice and inclusive leadership, inviting audiences on an exploration of foundational principles that redefine organizational landscapes. Beyond the standard narratives of diversity, equity, and inclusion, this talk explores  the nuanced layers of justice, addressing the barriers that obstruct genuine progress. It unfolds the essence of inclusive leadership, offering tangible strategies to infuse justice into the organizational DNA.

Audiences will be empowered with actionable insights, exploring practical tools such as tailored workshops, coaching frameworks, and evidenced-based practices, empowering them to cultivate cultures of freedom and belonging where every voice is regarded and respected.

Real success stories from clients who have championed justice-driven initiatives serve as guiding lights, illustrating the intuitive power of embedding justice within organizations. Through these narratives, attendees will witness firsthand how justice-led approaches drive tangible change, creating inclusive workplaces, and contributing to broader societal impact – seamlessly tying together People, Planet, and Profit/Productivity.

As the session ends, a compelling call to action resonates—a collective pledge to champion justice and or collective humanity within personal and professional spaces. Attendees will leave inspired, equipped with the tools and motivation to be architects of change, forging paths towards a more just and inclusive future.

Learning Objectives:

– Understand the multifaceted layers of justice beyond standard DEI frameworks.

– Explore the correlation between justice and inclusive leadership, identifying barriers and opportunities for organizational transformation.

– Gain actionable strategies and tools to embed justice within organizational cultures, fostering inclusive environments and restoring our collective humanity.

– Draw inspiration from real client success stories, discovering how justice-driven initiatives catalyze meaningful change.

– Commit as agents of change, pledging to champion justice and equity within personal and professional spheres of influence.

This transformative keynote address unveils the often-neglected yet crucial aspect of cognitive wellness in today’s dynamic workplace landscape. The session aims to equip organizations and individuals with insights and strategies to nurture well-being, fostering productivity, creativity, and resilience.

Participants will explore aspects of brain health and optimization, understanding the pivotal role in optimizing workplace performance and overall well-being. Through engaging discussions and practical insights, attendees will uncover the impact of cognitive wellness on decision-making, stress management, and team dynamics.

The session incorporates movement and actionable strategies, offering tools to create environments that prioritize brain health. From mindfulness practices to fostering inclusive workplace cultures that support psychological safety, mental agility, and resilience, participants will gain actionable steps to integrate holistic wellness into their professional lives.

Real-world case studies and success stories will illuminate the power of prioritizing cognitive wellness, showcasing how organizations that invest in mental health witness increased innovation, reduced stress, and heightened employee satisfaction.

By the session’s conclusion, attendees will be inspired to champion cognitive wellness in their organizations, equipped with practical strategies to cultivate environments that foster psychological safety, cognitive agility, innovation, and well-being.

Learning Objectives:

– Understand the significance of cognitive wellness in optimizing workplace performance and individual well-being.

– Explore the impact of cognitive wellness on decision-making, stress management, and team collaboration.

– Acquire actionable strategies and tools to prioritize brain health in the workplace.

– Gain insights from real-world case studies highlighting the benefits of fostering mindfulness in organizations.

– Commit to implementing wellness practices to enhance workplace productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

This keynote explores the impact of emotional intelligence on driving compassionate and inclusive leadership. Exploring the link between emotional intelligence and creating change, this session leverages Daniel Goleman’s five components of emotional intelligence—self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills— to highlight their pivotal role in transformative leadership.

Through guided discussions, introspective activities, and practical exercises, attendees will explore how each component of emotional intelligence contributes to reshaping perspectives, fostering inclusivity, and dismantling barriers like biases, fears, imposter syndrome, and discrimination.

The session will address the importance of self-awareness in recognizing biases and navigating internal barriers, emphasizing self-regulation to manage emotions effectively, and harnessing motivation to drive purposeful change. It will also explore the role of empathy in understanding diverse perspectives and cultivating social skills to create collaborative, inclusive environments.

Real-life anecdotes and case studies will illustrate how emotional intelligence drives compassionate and transformative leadership, fostering inclusive cultures that drive innovation and positive change. Attendees will acquire practical strategies and methodologies to apply emotional intelligence within their leadership approach, fostering environments of belonging and positive impact.

By the session’s conclusion, participants will understand the critical connection between emotional intelligence and transformative leadership. Equipped with actionable tools, they will learn how to harness emotional intelligence to challenge biases, drive inclusivity, and create cultures that support and amplify diverse voices.

Learning Objectives:

– Recognize the impact of emotional intelligence on driving transformative and compassionate leadership.

– Understand the five components of emotional intelligence and their role in reshaping perspectives and fostering inclusivity.

– Acquire practical strategies to enhance self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills within their leadership approach.

– Apply emotional intelligence insights to challenge biases, foster inclusivity, and create collaborative environments.

Celina Caesar-Chavannes

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Words for
Celina Caesar-Chavannes

Jody Wilson-Raybould, Canadian MP

“I can hear you, C3. I found myself tearing up in parts and chuckling in others—I heard your passionate voice, felt your determination and smiled at your undeniable wit, all reverberating throughout the pages of this book. Yours is an important journey. Thank you for telling it. You are as inspiring as you are authentic.”

Tanya Tagaq, Polaris Prize-Winning Singer and Artist

“Though you can learn from lost voices, you can learn more from those who have found their voices. Celina found hers.”

The Tyee

“[F]ierce, unapologetic energy . . . resonates throughout [Caesar-Chavannes’s] book. Whether she’s reflecting on her childhood as a Caribbean immigrant growing up in a cold, foreign country, or as a Black woman in government, Caesar-Chavannes refuses to back down from addressing difficult issues or calling out problematic people. Even more so, she understands the importance of aligning purpose with accountability and action.”


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