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Dominic Ciambrone

Business. Consumer Trends. Innovation. Mental Health. Pop Culture. Retail.

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Dominic Ciambrone

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From a young age, Dominic Ciambrone (AKA “The Surgeon”) always had a desire to build things. From backyard forts to Lego sets, he was overwhelmingly drawn to his ability to construct – a creative outlet that later evolved into a flourishing trailblazing movement.

As a young adult in search of his hidden talent, Ciambrone focused on learning the extensive techniques of traditional shoe making.

He found that customizing footwear was a way to differentiate himself and express his individuality. As he began to offer his made-to-order services to high profile clientele, he further developed a passion for bringing a creative concept to life.

Dominic Ciambrone Topics
From Darkness To Light: Where mental health and awareness and creativity intersect.
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Dominic Ciambrone (AKA The Surgeon) is passionate about speaking on mental health and leveraging his creativity as a designer to not just create one-of-a-kind products, but use as a vehicle for awareness to the important issues surrounding mental health.
As a globally recognized artist, The Surgeon is as direct, witty, and smart as you’d expect—and is quickly becoming one most inspirational voices in the mental health space.

In his talks, Dominic shows us how the road to healing first begins with a conversation.

Dominic Ciambrone

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