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Eric Termuende

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Eric Termuende

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Eric Termuende is a best-selling author, internationally recognized thought leader, and keynote speaker on all things future of work, leadership, workplace culture, and talent management. After years spent studying the
world’s greatest places to work, he has deciphered what sets amazing leaders apart from the rest, and what it takes to build incredible teams that are resilient, innovative, and ready for the future.

His research and insights have inspired category-leading companies like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Nationwide, IBM, Zoom, Nokia, John Deere, and Toyota, to name a few. Eric’s perspectives and accomplishments have also been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., and many other prominent publications.

In addition to the hundreds of keynotes he has delivered around the world, Eric is an entrepreneur and leader in his own right. As co-founder of NoW of Work, Eric has been named one of the world’s Top 100 Emerging
Innovators by American Express, making him a trusted resource as we collectively navigate the future of work together.

Eric’s keynotes aren’t just engaging and insightful, they’re a fun, practical journey loaded with actionable takeaways that audiences can implement right away. Those that attend Eric’s keynotes often share that his
refreshing, down-to-earth messaging not only gets them excited about the future, but also provides the practical tools and know-how to build teams and thrive in it.

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The future of work may look wildly different depending on industry, size, and location but the one thing all great leaders do is build a deep sense of trust, respect, and safety across their team. The question is: how do they do it?
In this completely tailored, engaging, and takeaway-loaded presentation, workplace expert Eric Termuende shares what years of research, stories, and insights uncover about the one-degree shifts leaders use to remove friction, improve communication, and innovate. From Domino’s Pizza to the British Cycling Team, discover how the consistent application of small, incremental changes builds tomorrow’s greatest places to work.
In this presentation, leaders will learn the secret of a one-degree shift to:

– Reduce friction and build trust.
– Work more effectively with a smaller team.
– Build a culture of innovation.
– Understand your role in creating a ‘greatest place to work’.
– Discover what cilantro teaches us about strong workplace culture.

Eric Termuende

Stories of my life

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Eric Termuende's


Rethink Work
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Eric Termuende

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

“Today’s presentation was great and I’m delighted at the response from the Team. The videos, the customization, and of course, your presence, knowledge, and energy made it a huge success! I’ve contracted and supported many Executive Leadership Summits for the agency over the years and it is not often that they say…” This is the best Summit we’ve ever had!” There’s been a lot of that type of feedback today and it is much deserved and well-earned praise.”

Dell Technologies

“In October 2020, in the middle of this Pandemic crisis, we had the pleasure to work with Eric for one of our episodes of our Dell Technologies Thought Leader Series. In addition to being a very fun person to work with, Eric was very generous of his time and an amazing presenter that our customers love!!!! His story was very inspiring and helped people with a different perspective during these difficult times.”

Farm Credit Services

“I knew you’d have a great keynote, but seeing you in action on that stage was truly something else. I love the
balance between entertaining the audience and challenging them to think differently. Your presence on stage,
storytelling ability, and genuine connection to the audience were palpable and powerful. Our conference was
better because of your message and delivery. I know our team is looking forward to another opportunity to work
with you again.”


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