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Justin Kingsley

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Justin Kingsley’s vocation is to invent the best way of telling the right stories—as an author, strategist, creative director, and photographer.

Named one of Canada’s most creative people by Marketing Magazine, Justin has served as Creative Director for NHL superbrand the Montreal Canadiens, turned Star Wars and Indiana Jones into global museum exhibitions, put a McDonald’s Restaurant into the side of a mountain at a snowboarding competition, and branded the 2010 Vancouver Olympics with the very first bilingual Games slogan: With Glowing Hearts / Des plus brillants exploits. He also developed the award-winning branding and communications strategies for UFC World Champion Georges St-Pierre, world champion sommelier François Chartier, and comedian Sugar Sammy.

The strategy and campaign idea he developed for Adidas at the 2012 London Olympics, titled Take the Stage, won international acclaim and was named best global campaign of the Games.

A former Press Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, Justin was spokesman for the Right Honourable Paul Martin and was responsible for economic portfolios in the communications directorate of the PMO in 2003-4.

He has written two bestselling books: The Way of the Fight, a New York Times bestselling look at Georges St-Pierre’s life philosophy, and Weology: How Everybody Wins When We Comes Before Me, a book of ideas on leadership in the new millennium.

Justin Kingsley Topics

Opportunities of Pandemic Proportions

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In this talk, Justin shares the lessons learned from spearheading some of the largest branding campaigns in the history of sport. How can breaking the status quo within an organization lead to unparalleled success? What are the secrets behind some of these iconic branding case studies? And how does it reinforce its organizational values, culture, and brand on a day-to-day basis?
Justin dissects his story of how he created some of the most iconic brands and movements in the industry and showcases his roadmap for transforming sleepy organizations into global superpowers, and how your team can benefit from these principles too.
Justin also dives deep into the insurmountable obstacles, challenges, and even threats that he’s had to endure and what your team can do to fortify against the unexpected curveballs and roadblocks that can happen.
This talk is designed to move your team from Impossible to Possible and to hammer home the understanding that by facing our challenges head-on, we build the resilience required when bigger challenges arise.

Rediscovering Simplicity: The Power of Positivity with Justin Kingsley

In this highly engaging and interactive session – Justin shares insights and techniques learned from world champion athletes, famous Buddhist monks, and renowned cognitive behavioralists. He also leads audiences through a series of simple breathing and meditation practices designed to empower better decision-making and helps to expose the secrets to rediscovering the true power behind the simple acts in life that can have profound outcomes in your personal and professional environments. Inspired by his own path and experiences with mental health and wellness, Justin helps individuals and teams understand and identify their own super-power.

What’s your hook?

What makes some businesses stand out from their competitors? What makes some people more successful than others? Is it product? Is it price? Work-ethic? Perhaps. But with all of that, how can you then escape the complacency trap and really stand out, as a brand and as an individual? You need to find your hook. In this dynamic, interactive keynote presentation Justin gets deep with audiences in helping them find their hook. It’s engaging, interactive, and extremely informative. Sometimes your hook has been in front of you all along. Justin helps you find it, reclaim it and own it.

Justin Kingsley

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