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Linda Nazareth

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Linda Nazareth is an accomplished economist futurist specializing in demographic, workplace and economic trends, and how they will shape our future.
In 2020, she launched her podcast: Work and the Future, and in 2021, she’s focused on her work on Trends Changing the Post-Pandemic Economy.

Linda’s authored several books including her latest, Work is not a Place: our lives & our organizations in the post-jobs economy, where she engages people in thinking about what the world might look like when we replace the idea of ‘jobs’ with that of ‘work’ – and why that might not be a bad idea at all.
Nazareth is also the Senior Fellow for Economics and Population Change at policy think-tank the Macdonald-Laurier Institute.

Her book Economorphics: The Trends Turning Today into Tomorrow, actually started as a presentation to companies looking for help in strategic planning. Previous books include The EverAfter Effect ‘on waking up from the boom years’ and The Leisure Economy examining the retirement of the baby boomers and the attitudes of ascendant generations X and Y.

Her clients have included everyone from American Express through to The Economist Magazine, and all have benefitted from her ability to take big ideals and distil them into information they can use for their own strategic plans.

Prior to this, Nazareth was the Senior Economic Analyst for Business News Network (BNN) and Canada’s only full-time on-air economist for over a decade, as well as a Senior Economist with a top 5 bank, and with the federal government.

Linda Nazareth Topics
Where We Left Off: Ten Trends Changing the Post-Pandemic Economy
Work is Not a Place: Our Lives and Our Organizations in the Post-Jobs Economy
Economorphics: The Economic Trends Changing Today into Tomorrow
The Global Economy in Context

Since the beginning of 2020 we have been consumed by COVID-19, and for good reasons. Our health systems, our economy and our lives have been impacted by the pandemic in a way that was projected in very few strategic plans. It is not surprising then that the temptation is to think that once this Black Swan event ends, we can flip the lights back on and have all of our economic problems solved. The reality, however, is somewhat more complicated. Even before anyone heard of Covid-19, our world was being transformed by powerful megatrends, and in its after-math there are other changes afoot. For organizations to grow and prosper in the post-pandemic economy they need to be aware of and ahead of those trends.

The world is changing and so is the very notion of ‘work’. For years we have been told that our aging workforce will mean a shortage of workers in many industries. More recently, the narrative has changed to one where robots do everyone’s work and there are not enough jobs to go around. Which view of the future is correct? More important, how will our lives and organizations change as we navigate the changing realities?
In this much-requested presentation based on her book of the same title, Linda Nazareth casts an economist’s eye to the way the big trends are changing our realities. From looking at the way global change, demographics, and technology are coming together to reshape the work world through to examining the challenges for individuals, businesses, and governments, she sketches a world that is both unsettling and exciting. How can you best prepare for a world where work is not a place? Start with Linda’s presentation and feel like you can meet the future head-on.

From globalization to urbanization to dealing with demographic change, the world we know is morphing into a different planet with different economic opportunities and challenges. What are the trends taking today into tomorrow, and what are the trends that are resulting from the shift? In ‘Economorphics’ , Linda Nazareth talks about the dozens of things she sees happening, and the challenges – and opportunities they present to the economy, the labour market and the financial markets – and to your industry as well.

Europe, the U.S., oil prices, interest rates, population change, currency markets, the markets and more – what is the big picture and how do you make the right decisions to stay ahead of the curve? How does Canada fit into the mix – and how do you plan for your own industry and investments? In this presentation, Linda Nazareth looks at the economic outlook, the opportunities in the face of challenges, and the way that the larger picture will affect your own business interests.

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