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Ruben Rojas

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Ruben Rojas

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Ruben’s portfolio of work extends beyond murals. He is also a TED speaker, helping spread the message of art creating impact, a designer, and a corporate consultant.

Ruben works with companies to help businesses give back, enhance workspaces, and raise awareness on important issues. Past campaigns include clients such as BMW, American Express, Google & NFL.

Ruben is also co-founder of Beautify Earth. This nonprofit is dedicated to putting an end to blighted walls and fixtures worldwide by empowering artists, encouraging social responsibility, and instilling community pride.

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Live Through Love

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Every highway. Every radio station. Every social media platform. Every website. Everywhere you look, there are advertisements drawing attention to your personal problem or nagging insecurity. Every ad makes you think there’s something wrong with you and … the company just so happens to have the perfect solution.

Ruben Rojas is on a mission to inspire your audience through the beatification of our landscape – one wall and one speech at a time. His work – and his keynotes – move people toward becoming the best versions of themselves, increased productivity, and instilled winning cultures within organizations all over the world.

The world is our canvas and Ruben Rojas is an artist who inspires the world to love yourself and others.
In this inspiring and motivational talk, Ruben shows how living through love can be a force for good in your life and in your business. Ruben demonstrates how you can activate true purpose within your culture so your organization can continue to thrive.

“What the world needs now is… a little paint and a lot of love. ”
– Ruben Rojas

Ruben Rojas

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