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Shaun Boothe is an award-winning hip-hop artist and world-renowned speaker who has gained recognition for his ‘Unauthorized Biography Series’, a critically acclaimed musical project that is a unique celebration of some of the world’s most influential cultural icons.

Featuring iconic figures such as Bob Marley, Terry Fox, Chris Hadfield, Malala Yousafzai, Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., among others , Shaun Boothe captivates and empowers through a series of biographical hip-hop tracks, revitalizing their stories and legacy in a way that is truly one of a kind.

Shaun has shared stages with several prominent celebrities such as Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and Lauryn Hill. His innovative and creative work has garnered attention internationally and features in publications and esteemed media outlets such as Forbes, The CBC, The Globe and Mail, and many others.


After spending over ten years in the music industry, Boothe decided to focus on his passion for motivating others through his work. He has since then become a successful motivational speaker and performing artist, moving others to achieve their own greatness. 

Shaun’s series is regularly presented at events which include national and regional associations, corporations, college and university campuses, and performing arts centres around the world.

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The Unauthorized Biography Series.
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The Unauthorized Biography Series is a celebration of greatness. As a renowned recording artist, Shaun Boothe has created this series – not just to entertain and inform – but to awaken the greatness within us all.

Award-winning artist and speaker Shaun Boothe pours his talent into a keynote like no other, mixing TED Talk style speech with riveting live musical performance. Designed to motivate and empower audiences, Shaun uses the energy of hip-hop as an inspiring way to tell the extraordinary lives of cultural icons and how audiences can harness these superpowers too.

Half TED Talk, half live concert, Shaun’s keynotes are interwoven with musical hits from his acclaimed ‘Unauthorized Biography Series’, where he shares engaging lessons about the different challenges of cultural figures such as MLK and Bob Marley, and how they overcame them.

Shaun encourages leadership and identification by highlighting notable peoples’ struggles that gave their achievements more meaning.

Along with his personal stories from his own journey, Shaun motivates and inspires every person in the room to reach their potential and build their own legacy of greatness.

The standard length of Shaun’s sets are 45-60 minutes. A session can be customizable and tailored to the specific theme and program that is requested.

Shaun can include up to four biographies in his presentation, with fifteen international icons in his roster to choose from, a few of which include Bob Marley, Chris Hadfield, Malala Yousafzai, Terry Fox, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams and Barack Obama.

Some topics and themes Shaun can cover in a presentation include:

Leadership and Inspiration
Diversity, Inclusion, Equity
Finding Your Purpose and Passion, Goal Setting
Change Management

Shaun’s keynote is a truly unique experience that is unlike any other presentation. By combining live hip-hop performance with engaging real-life stories of cultural icons, Shaun will ignite passion and motivation from everyone in the room.

Shaun Boothe

Stories of my life

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Words for
Shaun Boothe

Sarah Currie, Livewire Communications

“I can’t stop talking about this artist. With my partner. With the guests I met at my cousin’s wedding. With my son on the way to see Post Malone. And now with you all.
Almost a full week has passed since Shaun Boothe presented a selection of his Unauthorized Biography series at Livewire Communications’s Spirit Day. And we were moved. Even the toughest amongst us got teary. Shaun fuses hip hop and rap with inspirational storytelling to make something completely new. While his talent in presenting and performing is phenomenal, what stood out for me was his thoughtfulness.
He took the time to understand our business. And he used this insight to bring our purpose to light in a way that deeply impacted and moved our team. He taught me: Don’t fear mixing it up. Trust your gift. Put your passion into your work. If you want to give your team an experience like no other, this is it.”

Saint Mary's University

“His performance was very informative and refreshing. Shaun made sure to have everyone’s attention and hold it throughout the entire performance.”

Global Business Travel Association

“Simply remarkable! Shaun had 600 travel professionals in absolute awe and wanting more!”

NOVA Chemicals

“Shaun’s keynote was authentically passionate and engaging that inspired and energized the group. The impact of the keynote did not end when Shaun left the stage, but rather wove its way into the remainder of the conference and continues to be a part of the conversation weeks later! It was an honest and emotional presentation that touched everyone in the room.”

Shawn Shapiro, Show Manager at Newcom Media

“From the moment you meet Shaun Boothe, his authenticity and energy can be felt. Shaun’s powerful message from his music and talk is something that is relevant for all audiences and can connect to so many industries, even if you think it won’t!

Our audience came not knowing what to expect, and left energized and pumped up. “

Doctors of BC

“Our employees really appreciated the choice of an ‘outside the box Non-Healthcare’ speaker for our Year-End Summit

Shaun’s performance was phenomenal – incredibly engaging, empowering, deeply emotional, and inspirational. He is simply an incredible performer who clearly captivated our entire team. We heard from our attendees that the performance was unexpected and really made their experience memorable.”


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