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Shaun Boothe

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Shaun Boothe

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Shaun Boothe is an award-winning hip-hop artist, TED speaker, and creator of ‘The Unauthorized Biography Series’. The Unauthorized Biography Series is a critically acclaimed musical project that celebrates the world’s greatest cultural icons through biographical rap songs – Repackaging History through Hip-Hop. Each chapter of the series captures the legacy of an influential iconic figure in a documentary-style music video. Icons featured in the series include Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali, Malala Yousafzai, Terry Fox, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and more.

After spending 10+ years in the music industry, sharing stages with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Lauryn Hill and Kendrick Lamar, a search for a more purposeful path led Shaun to the lecture circuit. It was here where he discovered how his Unauthorized Biography Series, combined with his passion for speaking, could be used as a powerful tool to both entertain and inspire others to achieve their own greatness. A few short years later, this new direction has grown into a thriving international career as an inspirational speaker and performing artist on college campuses, corporations, associations, and performing arts centers alike.

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The Unauthorized Biography Series.

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The Unauthorized Biography Series is a celebration of greatness. As a renowned recording artist, Shaun Boothe has created this series not just to entertain and inform but to awaken the greatness within us all.

In his custom sessions, Shaun performs a selection of his musical biographies and dives deep to dissect the life lessons we can all learn from these icons, some of which include; Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Terry Fox, Jimi Hendrix, Malala Yousafzai, Bob Marley and many more.

Half TED Talk, half live concert, Shaun uses music, multimedia, and motivation to deliver powerful and transformative messaging in a way that will truly resonate with your audience and leave them incredibly inspired. Some of the many themes that Shaun’s custom sessions include are leadership, success strategies, overcoming fears and challenges, transitioning, diversity and equity, the power of acknowledgment, change-management, and more.

How does it work?
During a customized 45-60 minute session, Shaun can include up to four biographies in his presentation, all while tying in the overall theme of your event. There are currently fifteen international icons in his roster for you to choose from.

This one of a kind keynote is unlike anything you or your audience will ever experience.  By the end of it, not only will everybody in the room be absolute awe, but Shaun will demonstrate how the traits and characteristics of the icons he celebrates can be immediately ignited in each and every one of us.

Shaun Boothe

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Words for
Shaun Boothe

Sarah Currie, Livewire Communications

“I can’t stop talking about this artist. With my partner. With the guests I met at my cousin’s wedding. With my son on the way to see Post Malone. And now with you all.
Almost a full week has passed since Shaun Boothe presented a selection of his Unauthorized Biography series at Livewire Communications’s Spirit Day. And we were moved. Even the toughest amongst us got teary. Shaun fuses hip hop and rap with inspirational storytelling to make something completely new. While his talent in presenting and performing is phenomenal, what stood out for me was his thoughtfulness.
He took the time to understand our business. And he used this insight to bring our purpose to light in a way that deeply impacted and moved our team. He taught me: Don’t fear mixing it up. Trust your gift. Put your passion into your work. If you want to give your team an experience like no other, this is it.”

Saint Mary's University

“His performance was very informative and refreshing. Shaun made sure to have everyone’s attention and hold it throughout the entire performance.”

Global Business Travel Association

“Simply remarkable! Shaun had 600 travel professionals in absolute awe and wanting more!”


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