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Vanessa Bowen

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Vanessa Bowen is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and the Founder of Mint Worthy, a personal finance coaching platform that helps women shift their relationship with money and take control of their finances.

Vanessa has a decade of experience in corporate finance and public accounting, where she leveraged her natural leadership skills and big-picture vision to help international businesses in both Canada and the United States make sense of their numbers. Her resume includes management roles with one of Canada’s largest retailers, and a client portfolio made up of companies across a wide range of industries.

While helping big businesses keep their finances in check, Vanessa worked diligently to ensure her own accounts were in good standing. She developed a passionate interest in personal finance but quickly discovered that many of the women around her felt considerable anxiety and apprehension about money. Determined to dispel the myth that women cannot be money-savvy, Vanessa shifted her focus from corporate number-crunching to empowering women to reach financial freedom.

Through Mint Worthy, Vanessa teaches women the fundamentals of personal money management. Her one-on-one and group coaching programs equip women with the tools and methods needed to break bad money habits, create new mindset shifts, and blaze a path to life-long financial independence. Pairing her expertise with her warm personality, Vanessa provides each of her clients the accountability of a personal finance expert in a friendly and approachable manner. She has consistently proven her ability to create strategies and provide practical direction to help women achieve financial goals that once seemed out of reach.

Vanessa is an alumnus of McMaster University’s reputable Bachelor of Commerce program where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She holds a CA/CPA designation from CPA Ontario, is Life Insurance Licensed and is also a Certified Master NLP Practitioner.

Vanessa Bowen Topics
Mastering your money mindset.

Vanessa is a dynamic and engaging speaker who leaves her audience feeling financially empowered and ready for change. Vanessa’s relatable and energetic approach to financial literacy and education is like no other.

Vanessa has been featured as a Money Expert in media publications such as CBC, Global News, Toronto Star, Breakfast Television & Rogers TV and has held spokesperson partnerships with brands including PC Financial and Co-operators. She has also delivered messages for various companies and universities including Shopify Compass, University of British Columbia & McMaster University. Vanessa has also appeared on numerous podcasts, including the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada – Mastering Money Podcast and the Moolala Money Made Simple Podcast with Bruce Sellery. See below for links to all of Vanessa’s media appearances and podcast interviews and get a glimpse into the sound and energy of this dynamic speaker.

Vanessa Bowen

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Vanessa Bowen

Samantha Renee, Producer & Growth Strategist at Shopify

“Vanessa is an incredibly warm, honest and inspiring speaker. She effortlessly delivered her message on budgeting and finances to our audience, and you could tell she had fun doing it. Months later, our production crew is still talking about how much of an impact she had on them and the changes they have made in their finances just from hearing her speak. She is very approachable and I highly recommend her!”

Jessica. Elena's Club, Money Masterclass attendee

“I attended one of Vanessa’s classes through Elena’s Club. She truly inspired me by sharing her own personal story/struggles with money as it seemed so similar to mine. It really opened my mind to managing money, figuring out my blockers, spending time with my money and making a plan! It was really what I needed to turn around my relationship with money. I took saving more seriously and made a goal of buying a home. I’m so proud to say that I just got the keys to my brand new home last week! Vanessa was such a huge influence to me and honestly changed my life for the better. Thank you Vanessa, and keep inspiring and educating women around the city!”

Imanzi Kayitare, Casa Foundation

“It was a pleasure to work with Vanessa in the planning and delivery of the Casa Foundation webinar series on financial planning for young professionals. Vanessa has a great ability to break down personal finance concepts in a clear and authentic perspective. Her presentation was inspiring and left many participants feeling hopeful for the future. We look forward to collaborating with Vanessa again.”



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