March 08,2024

Celebrating #IWD2024!

This #IWD2024, we celebrate the women of Spoken Artists and our partners who continuously strive for equality.

Join us this month as we share empowering stories from our speakers, highlighting the voices that inspire a more inclusive future.

Today’s feature is record-holding mountaineer, Melissa Arnot.

Melissa has been a working mountain guide since 2004. She is a passionate seeker of shared adventures and perfecting the balance of learning and teaching. As an athlete, she is in competition with only herself, constantly pushing her own limits and trying to be the best mountain traveler she can be.

Melissa is the first American woman to successfully summit and descend Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen and has climbed the world’s highest peak six times. Known as a determined, hard-working and enthusiastic teacher, Melissa has devoted her life to learning from the mountains and sharing that knowledge with others.

In 2012 Melissa co-founded The Juniper Fund to provide financial support to families of local workers killed in the mountains of Nepal, and she continues to be actively involved with the fund.

In her keynotes, Melissa shares her strategies for fostering teamwork in your organization. When you work as a team, she says, you are united in the face of your goal. And when you behave in a strategic, collaborative way—by supporting one another, sharing skills, and uniting intent—you will be better and stronger. Your audience will walk away with the practical leadership skills they need to develop and nurture effective teamwork.


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