September 22,2023

Director X’s Newest Program, Robyn Hood, Airs Sept. 27 @ 10:00pm EST on Global.


There’s a new crew in town.

Canada’s own Director X recently unveiled the first-look trailer for his new Global TV series “Robyn Hood”, a modern reimagining of the classic Robin Hood tale.

The series follows rapper Robyn Hood and her anti-authoritarian hip-hop band, who rob the rich to fight for equality and justice in the fictional city of New Nottingham.

Sharing the trailer on Instagram, the Toronto-born director wrote, “They believed in a show with a black cast wearing costumes and doing hero business, that doesn’t focus on the ‘struggle’ but is a fun action adventure show that just so happens to have a black cast.”

He added, “When I was growing up it was unthinkable that a show like this would on be Global Television.”

Speaking with ET Canada last month, Director X talked about the classic inspiration for the series.

“We really wanted to honour the source material,” he said. “So if you really know your ‘Robin Hood’, even if you know your history, we’re in there. The names, the people, the things, we really took care to acknowledge the original legend and pay it off. So even though it’s modernized, it’s still ‘Robin Hood’. And in that combination comes this new fun version.”

Director X created the series, with Chris Roberts writing. Jessye Romeo, Nykeem Provo, Idrissa Sanogo and Daniela Kharlamova star.

SA is proud to play its role in helping spread the word of this exciting project and will be on a nationwide campus speaking tour this Fall where X will be sitting down with students and communities all across the country.

Tune-in to the series premiere of “Robyn Hood”, Sept. 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

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