February 01,2023

Breaking all the stereotypes with SA’s newest speaker, Oorbee Roy.

Oorbee Roy (known online as Aunty Skates) is Toronto based designer, marketer, content creator, and skateboarder.

After building her career in computer science and engineering that took her from Bell Labs to Wall Street, Oorbee recognized that there was still something missing in her life. So at the age of 43, Oorbee was inspired to take up skateboarding, and after a couple of lessons, she immediately fell in love.


Oorbee’s mission to challenge yourself and do the things you’ve always dreamt of doing has reached tens of millions of people from around the world and has amassed a global following.

For anyone that’s afraid it’s too late for them to try the thing they always wanted to do, Oorbee Roy is here to tell you it’s never too late to live your best life.

For a hit of some daily inspiration, be sure to follow Oorbee on all of her social accounts.

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