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Elevate your presence as a speaker

The most compelling and sought-after speakers aren’t just experts in their fields – they have presence.
You can too! The Spoken Artists Coaching Lab can help you stand out from the pack and develop your unique speaker brand. Through personalized exercises and feedback, you’ll gain the skills to deliver more effective and memorable presentations that let you – and your expertise – take center stage.

Our coaching and branding services focus on three key elements: speaking skills, content development and building your speaker brand.

Give your speaking skills a boost

You already have what it takes to become a more articulate, confident speaker. Together, we’ll zero in on any bad habits, zap nervousness, and cultivate the mindset of a top speaker.

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What we’ll work on:
Strong openings and closings that leave them wanting more
Optimal pacing and steering clear of tangents
Just the right tone of voice to meaningfully connect with your audience
Eliminating filler words like um and like (the guilty know who they are!)
Ditching the script so you can be fully present
Effective body language - no slouching, fidgeting, or standing awkwardly in one place
Showcasing your personality - it’s your secret weapon!
Supercharged coaching

The How & Why
of coaching

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Level up

Level up on

A great presentation is one that tells a story.
Together, we’ll explore ways to sculpt and polish your
content – and take your story to the next level.

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What we’ll work on:
Defining your message
and sticking to it
Structuring your content
in a way that grabs
the audience’s attention
Creating compelling visuals
and avoiding the dreaded
“death by PowerPoint”
Time management so your audience stays focused and engaged
Feel the change

Supercharge your speaker brand.

An effective brand opens doors to new opportunities. We’ll analyze your unique offering, create your comprehensive brand strategy, and share tools and tricks of the trade for positioning yourself as a leader.

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What we’ll work on:
Getting clear on your differentiators and aligning them with your goals
Enhancing your online presence, from social media to your website
Using visuals and video reels that highlight your authentic personality
Establishing brand guidelines – everything from tone of voice to fashion choice
Developing a press kit that gets you noticed
Creating meaningful content that enhances your brand
Connecting you with perfect speakers

How do our coaching and branding services work?

Get in touch to schedule a free 45-minute discovery call to get clear on your goals and what you’d like to focus on. Then, Spoken Artists will work with you to create a customized action plan to get you where you want to be.

Whether you’re looking for a 60-minute consultation or a more in-depth service over several sessions, Spoken Artists can help.

Lee Jeyes

Artificial Intelligence. Consumer Trends. E-Commerce. Innovation. Retail.

Shaun Boothe

Change Management. Inspirational Stories. Leadership. Motivation.

Vivian Kaye

Business. Inspiration. Leadership. Motivation.

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