February 28,2022

The world’s leading authority on “positioning” is now an SA speaker.

We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with bestselling author and sales pioneer, April Dunford.

April Dunford is the world’s leading expert on product positioning. She has worked with over 200 fast-growing technology companies to accelerate their growth through clear, compelling positioning. Previously April has run marketing and product teams at a series of seven successful technology startups. She is also a board member, investor, and advisor to dozens of high-growth businesses and is the author of the bestselling book Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get it, Buy it, Love it.


Forget everything you thought you knew about positioning. Successfully connecting your product with consumers isn’t a matter of filling in the blanks on an old-school positioning statement. Positioning is the foundation of everything we do in marketing and sales. It forms the backbone of our go-to-market strategy. Yet we don’t have a defined methodology for DOING it. At least we didn’t until now.

In this keynote, April goes beyond teaching you what positioning is and why you should care. It gives you a step-by-step process that any startup can follow to position their product, service or company. This talk will teach you how to find your product’s “secret sauce” and then sell that sauce to those who crave it.

What Others Are Saying!

“Great positioning is an unbeatable advantage. But you’re probably doing it wrong. This book fixes that, offering a clear roadmap that businesses of any size can use to find and communicate their unique advantages on their own terms.”
Alistair Croll, founder of Solve for Interesting and bestselling author of Lean Analytics

“Positioning. Is. Hard. Really hard. But April Dunford gets it better than anyone I know. Candid, deeply knowledgeable, and–just as she is onstage–obviously hilarious. April is a master storyteller, and if you liked her keynote talk, you are going to love this book.”
Oli Gardiner, co-founder of Unbounce

“April Dunford’s two decades of marketing leadership in large companies and small give her a unique perspective on positioning. This how-to guide is a must-read. Before you spend a dollar on sales and marketing, read April’s book on positioning.”
Renny Monaghan, VP Solutions at RingCentral

 Obviously Awesome is the playbook for making your market category work for you instead of against you. If your product is hard for customers to figure out, this book is for you.”
Mark Organ, founder and CEO of Influitive, founder and former CEO of Eloqua

“April Dunford may know more about product positioning than any person alive and her deep, practical experience shines in this book. Witty, thoughtful, and genuinely useful, Obviously Awesome is the must-read bible on positioning. If your product is hard for customers to figure out, this book is for you.”
Rich Emrich, CEO of Altus Assessments

To learn more about April’s fees and availability, click the link below to get in touch.

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