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Jaime Casap

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Jaime Casap

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Jaime Casap served as the Chief Education Evangelist at Google for 15 years and was the second member of the Google for Education team. In that time, Jaime launched Google’s GSuite tools into higher education and K12. He also launched Chromebooks into education and was the creator of the Google for Education Transformation Framework, a holistic approach to education transformation.

Currently, Jaime is partnering and collaborating with higher education institutions, primary and secondary school systems, education, and businesses around the world, helping them build transformational policies and practices to elevate education and bring equity, diversity, and inclusion into their policies and practices.

Jaime serves as an advisor to dozens of organizations focused on learning, skill development, and the future of work.  He is the coauthor of “Our First Talk About Poverty,” as a way to talk to children about poverty.  He is currently working on his next book.

Jaime speaks on education, digitalization, diversity and inclusion, generation z, and the future of work at events around the world.

Jaime Casap Topics
Revolutionizing Education.

In his talks, Jaime Casap, Google’s most recent Chief Education Evangelist, reflects on his experience as the lead developer on the Google Apps for Education project and how the launch of Chromebooks has created added momentum for K-12 technology programs.

In addition, Casap also shares his experience with audiences on the ever-changing Digitalization Economy that has shifted the future of work from a single-player focus to a team-based approach that places a greater emphasis on soft skills development and critical thinking. Jaime dives deep into his personal story of success and why advocating for a drastic change in education is his new passion project as he evangelizes the power and potential of technology to promote inquiry-driven learning models.

Jaime Casap

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