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Jonathan Torrens

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Jonathan Torrens

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Jonathan Torrens has worked in comedy for 30 years and has been nominated for Canadian Screen Awards as a director, producer, writer, actor and host. He’s even won a few. In addition to playing J-Roc on the beloved Netflix original series Trailer Park Boys, he has directed 10 episodes and written 20.

He has written half a dozen episodes of the Hulu series Letterkenny as well as played the recurring Mennonite character Noah Dyck. Most recently, he appeared as French hockey broadcaster Remi Nadeau in the brand new critically acclaimed Hulu series Shoresy.

Prior to that Jonathan played vice-principal Robert Cheeley on 8 seasons of the CBC sitcom Mr. D, starring Gerry Dee. He also wrote 6 episodes. He played Gerald the Gotta be Gay Guy on Spike TV’s ground-breaking The Joe Schmo Show, an improvised hybrid fake-reality show.

Other credits include writing/producing The Jenny McCarthy Show for VH-1, hosting Popularity Contest for CMT and The Kids are in Charge for Travel Channel. He has made appearances on VH-1, E Network, MTV and was a regular correspondent on Fox Reality Channel.

He has written and performed on multiple live shows including The Winnipeg Comedy Fest, The Juno Awards and The East Coast Music Awards.

His podcast Taggart & Torrens has been downloaded more than 4 million times and has won the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Audio Show. TnT also spawned a best-selling book Canadianity (Harper Collins), which Jonathan co-wrote with Jeremy Taggart. Their comedy music album BAHDS came out on the Dine Alone label in 2020.

Through Canadian Content Studios, Jonathan has directed 4 web series, produced a national special and written and directed countless commercials. Vollies, a series he co-created, writes, directs and acts in won the 2023 Screen NS Award for Best Scripted Show.

His new t-shirt line benefits the Actor’s Fund of Canada’s new Navigator program, to provide mental health support to anyone working in the arts.

Jonathan Torrens Topics
Just Rock It! Lessons from the real life J-Roc.

Sometimes the things in life you think are your biggest weakness can become your greatest superpower…

With a journey to stardom as colourful as the characters he brings to life, Jonathan Torrens embodies resilience, humour, and the sheer power of perseverance.

As an award-winning performer, writer, and producer, Jonathan captivates audiences with personal stories from his three decade career in show business; marked by triumphs, trials, and a healthy dose of wit.

While you may recognize him for his time as host of such popular Canadian television shows as “Jonovision” and “Street Cents,” it was his iconic role as J Roc in “The Trailer Park Boys” that bore him his mantra: “Just rock it.”

The genesis of this motto? A cane, his constant companion during the first season of the hit mocumentary. Initially hesitant to accept the J Roc role while recovering from a debilitating car accident, Jonathan saw the cane not just as a crutch but as a symbol of vulnerability. Yet, from this perceived weakness, he unearthed a super power: the ability to embrace imperfections and turn them into strengths.

Whatever your cane is; real or perceived, mental or emotional or physical…just rock it, he urges, echoing the sentiment of resilience that defines his journey. To Jonathan, setbacks are simply stepping stones to success, and limitations mere illusions.

Jonathan’s resilience isn’t confined to the screen. During his motivating keynotes, he shares his insights, armed with stories that’ll have you belly-laughing one minute and nodding in profound realization the next. With his razor-sharp wit and infectious charm, he captivates audiences, leaving them laughing, pondering, and ready to rock their own challenges and own their individuality.

Jonathan Torrens

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