Former Head of Innovation, Walmart Canada & Blue Labs Innovation Hub

Lee Jeyes

Artificial Intelligence. Consumer Trends. E-Commerce. Innovation. Retail.

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Lee Jeyes

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In our rapidly evolving business landscape,  Lee Jeyes equips leaders with the tools and strategies needed to face these changes head-on and thrive.

As the most recent Head of Innovation at Walmart Canada, Lee led a team of researchers, creators, strategists and developers that continuously challenged the status quo.

Lee was the youngest store manager in both the UK and Canada for the world’s largest retailer and was part of the launch of Walmart Canada’s online grocery business which drove over $500 million in business value in a two-year period.


His contributions to the industry have been recognized in publications such as the Progressive Grocer’s Industry’s Best and Brightest Under 40 in 2021.

Spearheading the launch and leading Walmart Canada’s first innovation incubator – Blue Labs –  Lee’s primary role was to discover, intake and create solutions for the most complex challenges that customers and leaders are facing today.

In his spare time, you can find him in Toronto walking along the water with his Great Dane, Wall or making music in his plant filled loft.

Lee Jeyes Topics
Think DifferentLee: Challenging everything you thought you knew about innovation.
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When Lee Jeyes gets up on stage, something happens in the room. It’s a subtle but powerful shift. People start to pay attention. As Walmart Canada’s most recent Head of Innovation, Lee knows all about the strategies and innovations changing the face of business. Ranging from algorithms and social media to robotics and AI, Lee dives deep into the latest tech and innovations that will affect your business.

In this hyper-informative talk, Lee takes on our current business environment and reveals why the prevailing strategies for innovation and disruption aren’t enough.

Lee’s insights help audiences navigate the challenges of emerging technologies and current business practices and search for the opportunities that can be harnessed in the midst of chaos.

Lee Jeyes

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