Former Head of Innovation, Walmart Canada & Blue Labs Innovation Hub

Lee Jeyes

Artificial Intelligence. Consumer Trends. E-Commerce. Innovation. Retail.

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Lee Jeyes

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Lee Jeyes’ remarkable journey from an entry-level role to the Head of Innovation at Walmart Canada showcases a profound grasp of both tactical and visionary aspects of change. His expertise ranges from testing and scaling immediate innovations to spearheading the creation of future-oriented incubators. Through his career, Lee has demonstrated a consistent focus on driving change through people, understanding the complexities and human barriers to innovation in large organizations. His achievements, marked by both incremental improvements and significant breakthroughs, position him as a knowledgeable and insightful speaker, equipped to guide others in navigating change effectively.


In his role as a keynote speaker, focuses on providing audiences with tangible, actionable tools drawn from real-world experiences. His talks delve beyond theoretical aspects of innovation, sharing practical learnings and stories from the trenches. Lee encourages audiences not to judge him solely on the ideas or innovations he presents, but rather on his proven ability to execute these within complex environments. This approach reflects his commitment to offering genuine, applicable insights for effecting change.

Lee Jeyes Topics
Think DifferentLee: Challenging everything you thought you knew about innovation.
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When Lee Jeyes gets up on stage, something happens in the room. It’s a subtle but powerful shift. People start to pay attention. As Walmart Canada’s most recent Head of Innovation, Lee knows all about the strategies and innovations changing the face of business. Ranging from algorithms and social media to robotics and AI, Lee dives deep into the latest tech and innovations that will affect your business.

In this hyper-informative talk, Lee takes on our current business environment and reveals why the prevailing strategies for innovation and disruption aren’t enough.

Lee’s insights help audiences navigate the challenges of emerging technologies and current business practices and search for the opportunities that can be harnessed in the midst of chaos.

Lee Jeyes

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