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Luke Aikins

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Luke Aikins

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Luke Aikins is a Red Bull sponsored skydiver and stuntman who has been pushing the edge of human flight for 28 years. With over 21,000 skydives, he has worked on major Hollywood movies like Iron Man 3, Godzilla, Fast and Furious 7, Ant-Man 2, and Black Widow, to name a few.

Luke is known for his daring feats and record-breaking stunts. He gained widespread recognition in 2016 when he successfully completed a skydive from 25,000 feet (7,620 meters) without a parachute or wingsuit, landing safely in a net. This remarkable achievement earned him a place in the history books as the first person to accomplish such a feat.

The lessons Luke has gleaned over the course of his career deliver a motivating and inspiring keynote to audiences of all kinds. Luke’s insights reveal the challenges of designing and building the most death defying stunts with his teams and the outcomes we can all learn from his efforts.

Luke Aikins Topics
No Parachute? No Problem!

From the skies to the stage!  Join us for an exhilarating journey with Luke Aikins whose breathtaking feats redefine the limits of human potential. In this captivating keynote, Luke shares riveting stories of triumph over fear and gravity, showcasing the indispensable role of leadership, teamwork, persistence, and grit in conquering the seemingly impossible.

Through heart-stopping tales of soaring through clouds and pushing the boundaries of possibility, Luke illuminates the power of visionary leadership in navigating uncharted territories. Drawing parallels between the precision of skydiving maneuvers and effective teamwork, he reveals the critical importance of trust, communication, and collaboration in achieving extraordinary goals.

Prepare to be uplifted as Luke takes your audience on a thrilling odyssey through the clouds, leaving you with actionable insights and a renewed sense of possibility. Get ready to soar beyond limits and unleash your full potential as you embark on this unforgettable adventure with a true skydiving legend.

Luke Aikins

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