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Melissa Arnot

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Melissa has been a working mountain guide since 2004. She is a passionate seeker of shared adventures and perfecting the balance of learning and teaching. As an athlete, she is in competition with only herself, constantly pushing her own limits and trying to be the best mountain traveler she can be.

Melissa is the first American woman to successfully summit and descend Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen and has climbed the world’s highest peak six times. Known as a determined, hard-working and enthusiastic teacher, Melissa has devoted her life to learning from the mountains and sharing that knowledge with others.

In 2012 Melissa co-founded The Juniper Fund to provide financial support to families of local workers killed in the mountains of Nepal, and she continues to be actively involved with the fund.
Melissa lives in the Methow Valley of Washington State with her husband, Tyler, where they spend their time playing in the mountains while running their respective guide services.

Melissa Arnot Topics
Everyday Teamwork: Melissa Arnot on the “Siblinghood of the Rope”
The Fifty Peaks Challenge: Climb Every Mountain.
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Mountaineers have a special term for teamwork on the mountain: the “siblinghood of the rope.” When you climb together, you form a unique bond—one that is forged in danger; in high stakes; in literal life-or-death situations. It’s a bond that goes beyond the imaginable to save another climber’s life. It’s a bond that sees climbers summit—or perish—together. Most of us will never have the chance to experience this—but we can learn from it.

In this electrifying keynote, six-time Everest summiteer Melissa Arnot shares her strategies for fostering teamwork in your organization. When you work as a team, she says, you are united in the face of your goal. And when you behave in a strategic, collaborative way—by supporting one another, sharing skills, and uniting intent—you will be better and stronger. Your audience will walk away with the practical leadership skills they need to develop and nurture effective teamwork.

There are 50 states in the United States, and every one of them has a high point. Some are simple prominences that can easily be driven to; others require extreme technical mountaineering ability. To climb to the top of all 50 can take a lifetime. As of 2014, only 253 people had done it. To complete it in only 50 days is an incredible challenge of endurance, logistics, and mental strength.

In this talk, six-time Everest summiteer Melissa Arnot shares the story of the Fifty Peaks Challenge. Climbing a mountain every day sounds pretty tough. But is that how regular life feels to you? For a lot of us, just getting through the day is a challenge. Stress, deadlines, juggling family and work, maintaining our relationships, making time for exercise—we have a lot on our plates. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we become drained and beat up, which takes a significant toll on our health and prevents us from being at our best both mentally and physically. Melissa shares real-life, practical ways to overcome this pressure. Her strategies will help you be the very best you can be in all aspects of both your personal and professional life—so that every day doesn’t feel like climbing to an impossible height. (Unless, of course, you’re joining Melissa on her next mountaineering expedition—in which case, you can do it!)

Melissa Arnot

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Melissa Arnot


“Melissa blew our expectations out of the water. Melissa received the only standing ovation since I’ve been employed with the company and it will be very difficult trying to hire a speaker ever again.”


“Melissa was AMAZING!!! We all loved her and her presentation! She was very ‘authentic’ and truly did captivate the audience. Our event was very successful and this was mainly because of Melissa.”

TMA Florida

“Melissa was the perfect keynote speaker for our event. The audience was definitely mesmerized and inspired by her adventure. Her authenticity, passion, and drive will leave a lasting impact on this event for years to come.”


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